There’s A Prerequisite For Your Potential-Here It Is

Living a victorious life does not depend on us. It depends on who we are hooked up to.

There are many individuals who I expected to be successful in life-their lives showed tremendous potential-but they lost relationship with their source.

No branch can live by itself’ it must remain consistently attached to the vine.

Neither can it bear fruit apart from the vine.

Our Creator is our Vine.

You are the branch; if you remain connected to the source, you will bear abundant fruit.

If you do not remain connected, you are like a branch that withers and is thrown away.

No branch can bear fruit if it is NOT attached. It start going in the opposite direction.

There's A Prerequisite For Your Potential

No matter how talented or gifted you are, you will NEVER be truly fulfilled nor successful apart from a personal relationship with your Vine-the Creator.

Thus the secret to a happy, productive, and prosperous life is remaining attached to your DIVINE SOURCE-the Vine.

If abide by HIM, His world will abide in you.

You can ask whatever you wish and it will be GIVEN to you.

HE will provide from the depths of HIS…freely, abundantly, and victoriously.

You will NOT have to try hard or even hustle.

You WON’T have to plead or beg.

HE is always waiting to help you live a full, fruitful, and complete life.

From HIS storehouse of riches, your source-vine will supply all you can imagine and more because HE wants you to fulfill your fullest potential.

So long as you remain attached to the VINE and submitted to discipline of the Gardener, you will always know HIS blessings.

Your potential requires a relationship with it’s SOURCE.

You were created to exalt and bring glory to HIS name.

His name is exalted whenever you use the abilities HE stored in you.

There's A Prerequisite For Your Potential

The whole purpose for your being-to reflect and increase the glory of HIM-is fulfilled whenever you maximize your potential.

“Remain in Me, and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in Me.”

-John 15:4

Here’s how staying connected to my vine has helped and rewarded me live a life I didn’t know existed and was reserved just for me.

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Don’t Let The World Determine Your Potential

Since the beginning of time, we have allowed the world around us to determine our potentials.

Teachers say to students: “You are a C student.” The student then goes around believing exactly what they were told. As a result of their belief, the student goes around the rest of their life-an average person.

They become average husbands, wives, moms, dads, and bring up children with average attitudes.

As a result, then their parents tell them: “Well, son/daughter you have my genes.”

No, not so. They received the parents attitude that was transmitted to them from that teacher.

Don't Let The World Determine Your Potential

Do this in you life right now, shake off what people call IQ’s.

Are most people even sure what IQ means?

It means Intelligence Quotient-it’s what people believe you degree of intelligence is based upon some test you take.

These tests measure your motor skills, your thinking ability, your cognitive ability, your reading ability, your thinking ability, your reading ability, your math ability, etc.

Then based on these tests they say: “You are a D student, or whatever.

You are a D person.”

You haven’t even grown up yet and they are telling you what you are going to be and do.

Sad truth is they don’t know what you going to do or be.

Unfortunately, people believe what they are told based on those tests.

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There are thousands of examples in history of men/women who were put off and cast out as misfits. Later they turned out to be some of the world’s greatest leaders.

We must be very careful when we start putting Intelligence Quotients on people…feel me?

You potential has NOTHING to do with these tests.

Only our Creator determines your potential.

Your IQ is spelled H-O-L-Y-S-P-I-R-I-T!

Your IQ is something that goes far beyond the pages of test. It goes & and comes from the heavens.

Hope you understand and KNOW after reading this…all your POWER POTENTIAL does not rest in man…period!

Ready to UNLEASH your full potential despite what you’ve been taught, sold or told?

Lock arms with me, it’s time you demonstrate it to yourself as well as the world!

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The 5 Traits of A Successful Mindset

“It all starts with you,” I told myself. I have given my all to everything I have done since, understanding the discipline, the obstacles to be overcome and the mindset it would take. I had to work. I had to create possibilities for myself when no one wanted to give me opportunity. I turned my pain into progress.

Leading my life with this kind of motivation has allowed me to start and run my own home-based business that will change millions of lives across the world. Today I am called a wife, a mom, an entrepreneur, and a social media marketing coach.

The key has been five traits of a successful mindset—five traits you can use to win in your own way.

championship mindset

The first key trait of a success mindset is the ability to stay loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you.

To stay committed, you have to have a reason of meaning. The reason I have been so consistent is that I made a promise to make a difference to my family. That reason, that promise, is so strong. Because that promise has a deeper meaning to me, I have stayed committed, no matter how hard it gets, and no matter what it takes.

What is your reason? It has to mean something to you. When you have a real reason, you will not give up.

Many people are more interested than they are committed. They are only interested in their dreams, their business, in what life may look like, and they operate with the simplicity of interest. Therefore, they are not committed to it. They made a promise to themselves with words, but a commitment is a promise to yourself with actions.

Commitment should not be just about setting a goal, but living by a standard. A goal is a something you reach. A standard is something you live by. I map my goals using what I call a 3D Roadmap: Destination, Direction, and Drive.

Destination: Set this by using the reason for your commitment. If you do not have clarity of that reason, you are going to live life aimlessly, and always find yourself back at struggling with commitment.

Direction: Most people have vision, but they do not know how to get where they want to go. You are trying to find somewhere without any known point. So find a mentor, study, read, whatever it takes to get direction to get there.

Drive: Most people do not get to where they want to be because they do not have drive. A successful mindset has that drive and will push to reach their destination.

Staying committed means being willing to be uncomfortable. The truth is, in life you are going to be uncomfortable regardless. Outside your comfort zone is where change takes place, and that change leads to the next trait.

championship mindset

Get good at saying no to the things that do not move you toward your yes.

In a success mindset, you will choose to give up some things that you are used to having. You will choose to do some things that you are not used to, because it is going to lead to something greater.

Successful mindsets are strategic in what they do as well as what they allow in their life and outside of it. Some of the strategies around discipline may be changing your environment, because it is vital in your success.

Who you surround yourself with is what you will become. Mindsets are contagious. Evaluate your circle of people. Do you want to catch the mindsets they have? Does your environment add value or deplete from your goals? Get around people who make you better. You have to put yourself in a growth environment.

How do you build your growth environment?

  • Remove the bad seeds. In order to level up, you have to subtract your distractions, and you know what those are. Failure to remove the root issues and dig up those bad seeds will affect you negatively. It is like cancer. In sports we used to say that if you keep even the smallest cancer on the team—a person who is negative, a person who is always complaining—then that cancer is going to spread. It is the same thing for your life. Get the mindsets away from you that do not serve and help you. Remove the people from your life who do not add value to your life. Sometimes the best way to add to your life is to subtract from it.
  • Plant new seeds. Become intentional about your life. Start putting yourself in the right environments. Develop better daily habits and routines.
  • Lastly, water those seeds. Recruit the mindsets that make you better. I purposely put myself in environments where I know that I am the least accomplished. Because I know that if I am in an environment where I am the least accomplished, I will have no choice but to grow. If there is someone that is at a higher fitness level, I make sure to spend time around that person. If there is somebody better at business than me, I spend time around that person. If there is somebody who has built a family structure that I admire, I spend time around that person.

You have decided to commit yourself and build your growth environment; so now what? Now you have to apply these traits every day.

championship mindset

Anchor your actions in greatness so that on a daily basis you produce nothing less than your very best.

It is not enough to be committed and disciplined if you are not consistent. Think of a weight loss journey. You can be committed to your purpose of getting healthier, but still only work out sometimes. You can replace all the junk food in your pantry with healthy options, but still only eat right sometimes. Sometimes might be only when you are inspired or motivated. And sometimes is not going to get you results. Sometimes is not going to change your life. You have to show up regardless of how it feels.

I know that some people reading this think they are not a consistent person, but they try their best. The misconception is that you may think you have consistency problem when actually it is that you lack commitment.

You are probably very consistent. Think about everything you have been consistent about within your everyday life. You were consistent in going to school. You have been consistent in going to a job every day. You have been consistent taking care of your kids. The reason you have been consistent is that you understand the cost if you do not show up.

Every day I plant seeds. Every day I trust the process. And every day I grew, even if I don’t realize it.

The problem is not in being consistent; rather it is in being committed. You are consistent in those things that you have given a bigger reason. You are consistent when you know the cost of not doing what you need to do. So look back at commitment and re-evaluate your reason, your why.

I promise you this: When the consistency is great enough, the struggle will never be strong enough. You will find your way, because you understand what awaits on the other side. You will go through fear, because you understand the repercussions if you don’t show up. Somebody is depending on your story. Somebody is depending on you in your life. Realize you have to show up no matter how you feel.

Even with epic consistency, you will not achieve your biggest goals right away. And on the way to them, you will have setbacks. How do you keep your championship winning mindset?

Believe the odds are beatable even when the odds say it is impossible. Trust the process.

What you are working on is not going to change immediately. Yes, you have been going through the pain, putting in the work, and you keep doing it. But you don’t necessarily know when the winning moment will come.

A gardener has faith in the process of gardening. They know they need to plant the seed, take care of it and be patient. Have faith like the gardener and know that if you do the work necessary, stay committed and consistent, then at some point the results will show up.

At some point, everything will change. Nothing happens overnight, but everything can change overnight. Be ready.

Success mindsets understand that the process must be trusted. You cannot take shortcuts in the process. Some of us want to get there so fast. However, the definition of the gardener’s mindset is this: “You have to know growth is taking place even though you cannot see it.” You must trust that you are doing the right thing although you cannot physically see it. One day this work will all pay off.

I know that commitment, discipline, consistency and faith will create the winning mindset you need to reach your destination, whatever it may be. But I know that you need one more trait to hold them all together.

Find the strength to give more even when everything else in your mind is telling you that you have nothing left.

Heart is looking at life like a marathon. Those who win marathons use each one of these traits in the race. They were committed. They trained and eliminated distractions. They know they can’t sprint to an easy win, so they put faith in every step, until toward the very end they have to pull from everything they have to get through the finish line.

You will reach that point where you have done everything you can, your back is against the wall, and you feel like you have nothing left to give. This is the moment you break through, and create new limits you did not think possible. That is what heart is all about. It’s saying, “I am giving my all to this no matter what it is; no matter what it looks like, I’m going to keep pushing.”

Heart is also about staying true to yourself. When you go through all the ups and downs that you have and you finally reach success, it is easy to become hardened. In addition, many people reach success and start to live for those things that do not matter. Once you reach success, do not let the image of what success looks like for you, define you. Do not let success define you. Do not lose yourself and leave everything behind to get where you are.

I take pride in living in the moment. I take pride in coaching my son thru therapy sessions. I take pride in living offline. In all the success I have, I am still me.

Once you start to access your successful mindset and apply it to everything in life, you will notice a change. You will start to see a shift in who you become. You will see results.

When you start, you will wonder, “Can I do this? Can I really take this on?” Then once you have honed a winning mindset and use it, you will move on to the second shift: “I’m actually doing this and it’s working.”

People will take notice. You are starting to close the gap between vision and reality. Your vision is no longer just a thought in your mind, but it is taking form. You are continuing to make progress by watering the seed. You are staying consistent. So now, you reach the point at which you are doing more than you thought you could do.

Finally, instead of wondering if you could do it, you will wonder “What can’t I do?”

You will no longer see limits.

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