All The Things You Should Consider When Buying CBD Online

I love remedies that have many uses (like emu oil), and cannabidiol oil (or CBD or hemp oil) is gaining popularity for this reason. This oil extracted from the hemp plant has come under a lot of legal and moral questions. Opinions may differ but what can’t be ignored is the incredible healing power CBD oil seems to possess and how versatile it is as a supplement and natural remedy.

CBD Hemp Oil: What Is It & What Does It Do?

CBD oil claims many benefits that seem to include every imaginable ailment. It’s a good idea to look a little deeper whenever something seems to be a cure-all… so I dug in.

The medical use of marijuana has brought some attention to the subject of using cannabis-derived products for health, but it’s important to understand how CBD oil differs. We’ll get into this more in a bit, but the key difference lies in the parts of the plant being used to make the product. For example, CBD oil is also different from hemp seed oil, since it is extracted not from the seed but from the flowers, leaves, and stalks of hemp.

Surprisingly, research shows that CBD products are actually helpful at reducing many ailments. Such diverse ailments that they seem to be unrelated, in fact… but they are not. Emerging research shows that each of these ailments may be related to dysregulation of the endocannabinoid system, or ECS for short.

Haven’t heard of it? You’re not alone! It’s not as familiar to us as the cardiovascular or immune system, but is a critical component of the human body.

Understanding the Endocannabinoid System

The endocannabinoid system is possibly one of the most fascinating systems in the body. It was discovered through researching the effects of cannabis on the body. In fact, this amazing system that regulates the body’s internal balance got its name from the cannabis plant that made its discovery possible.

The endocannabinoid system is made up of endocannabinoids and their receptors. These are found everywhere in the body from the brain and other organs to glands and immune cells. The endocannabinoid system works differently in different parts of the body but the end goal is homeostasis (internal balance).

Ever heard of a “runner’s high”? Research reported in the   Scientific American found endocannabinoids are largely responsible for this natural “hit” of euphoria that increases feelings of well-being and decreases the perception of pain.

Buying CBD Online? Here are some things to consider:

Everyone is Buying CBD Online

More people these days are buying CBD oil and other CBD products than ever before. In fact, experts estimate that the CBD market will reach a $22 billion valuation by the year 2022. Depending on the legality of cannabis in your state, you may be able to buy CBD products from a local dispensary. In many cases, though, your best option is to purchase it online. Buying CBD online is great, but you have to do some research to ensure you’re getting a safe, high-quality product.

Read on to learn about some of the most important factors you ought to consider when shopping online for CBD products.

Lab Test Results

There’s not a lot of regulation in the CBD world right now. Because of this, a lot of people are selling low-quality or even fake CBD products in an effort to earn a quick buck.

hempworx lab results

One way to avoid falling for these scams and potentially getting sick is to make sure you’re buying CBD products from a company that makes third-party lab tests readily available. If the manufacturer is willing to pay extra money to have their product tested, that’s a sign that they’re a reputable seller.

US Hemp Authority Approval

Try to find a seller that has a seal of approval from the US Hemp Authority.

If a product has US Hemp Authority Approval, that’s a sign that it’s the real deal.

Seal of approval from the US Hemp Authority

When you buy products that have this seal, you can trust that they’re made with CBD extracted from real hemp plants and don’t contain any questionable ingredients.

Free from Toxins

Make sure your CBD products are non-GMO, too. If the hemp from which the CBD is extracted was grown without exposure to any pesticides, you’re going to get a safer, more pure product. You also won’t have to worry about ingesting any potentially harmful chemicals.

Full-Spectrum Products

Look for sellers that offer full-spectrum CBD products as well. Full-spectrum products contain more than just CBD. They also contain other non-mind-altering cannabinoids and plant compounds that can yield a stronger, more noticeable effect when consumed.

hempworx full spectrum hemp oil

Discrete Shipping

As long as they’re made from the hemp plant and contains less than 0.3 percent THC, CBD products are legal to use throughout the U.S. However, some people don’t want to advertise that they’re using CBD products. If you fall into this category, look for an online seller that uses discrete packaging methods and ships directly to your door. Not only does this save you from having to respond to questions you’d prefer not to answer, but it also is much more convenient.

Buy CBD Online Today

As you can see, there’s a lot you need to keep in mind when buying CBD online. It takes a bit of research to find a seller who is reputable and only sells safe, high-quality products. HempWorx sells some of the safest and most trusted CBD products on the market today. If you want to know that you’re getting CBD oils and other CBD products that have been lab-tested and US Hemp Authority approved, place an order with us today.

Visit our online store today to learn more about our products, or check out our distributor program if you want to sell high-quality CBD products yourself.


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Why Anyone Who Uses CBD Need to Know This In 2019 And Beyond

People who use CBD need to know this!

Cannabidiol is obtained from the hemp plant and that has many people in 2019 seeking some serious ethical, moral and legal answers. Countless individuals will erroneously associate CBD use to the hippie, marijuana smoking, tree huggers, and have a distain for its users.

Of course, like anything new and unknown, sentiments will vary, yet one thing that can’t go unnoticed is the plethora of benefits many individuals are claiming. As a natural homeopathic supplement, CBD oils are providing healing in various areas pertaining to health issues.

What is CBD oil and what does it have to do with you?

what is cbd oil?

The acronym (CBD) stands for Cannabidiol, and is made from a separate variation of hemp, with over 85 million cannabinoids identified in the cannabis plant. Many claims have adamantly stated that CBD provides all-natural relief, with little to no side effects.

Unlike its counterpart THC, CBD can faintly induce a cerebral sensation, while still offering the many benefits of cannabis. Many people indicate that the faint CBD cerebral high is liken to a glass of wine, causing you to feel relaxed yet collected and aware.

Medix CBD Premium CBD Oil
what is cbd oil?

CBD and the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

cbd and the endocannabinoid system (ECS)

The medical issues that CBD regulates are associated with dysregulation of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS are receptors within your brain that regulate your immune system. When these receptors become damaged, due to unknown reasons, the ECS receptors (tiny proteins attached to cells that receive chemical signals) can’t respond to pain and ailments. Think of the ECS is like a Wi-Fi router, in that it receives/translates signals so that the body can receive cannabidiol, helping to regulate pain, sleep and the immune system. Some beneficial stuff, right?

Will CBD get me stoned?

Well, it all depends. It depends on the amount of THC your CBD product contains and it depends upon what it is your seeking. You see, marijuana euphoria effects are derived from THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Now the confusion arises when people see that CBD comes from marijuana, however CBD is extracted from Hemp. Confusing right? I was confused to, let me delve in.

THC and CBD are both extracted from the cannabis plant, and both affect the nervous system yet in diverse methods. The misperception clarified:

will cbd get me stoned?

Cannabis has two species:

  • Species 1 Male (Hemp) Comprises of 20% CBD, and less than 3% THC
  • Species 2 Female (Marijuana) Comprises of 10% CBD, and less than 20% THC.
Medix CBD Premium CBD Oil
the cannabis plant

Species 1 is a (Hemp) extract with all the cannabinoids excluding THC. It contains all the beneficial properties of cannabis, with no stoner high. Yet there are strains that have a hybrid mix. When consuming the hybrid version, you more then likely will be flying high. Depending on what relief your seeking, purchasing a CBD product with no hybrid blend should be enough in relieving your ailments (discussed further below).

What is the Cannabis plant?

what is the cannabis plant?

It’s a flowering plant with more than a few debatable species, however one of those species is known as hemp. Hemp is a reference used to describe cannabis cultivated for non-drug use in products such as:

  • hemp rope
  • oil
  • juices
  • lotions
  • medicinal purposes
  • milk
  • protein
  • fiber
  • paper
  • jewelry

Nevertheless, some strains have been selectively bred to yield a maximum of THC (also a cannabinoid). When cannabis is consumed, cannabinoids bind to receptors sited throughout our brains. Theses receptors are called CB-1 and CB-2. Different strains of cannabis will produce varied effects, depending on what receptors they bind to.

hemp products cultivated for non-drug use

What is a Cannabinoid?

The chemical compounds located in the cannabis flowers, CBD and THC. The chemical composites of THC and CBD are secreted by the cannabis flower thus creating a cannabinoid.  When consumed, they create responses in the human body.

How do people consume the cannabinoid substance?


  • smoking
  • vaping
  • topically
  • ingestion

Are some of the ways that cannabinoids are consumed, however I’m sure there are some creative individuals who would argue the above list.

Medix CBD Premium CBD Oil
what is a cannabinoid?

Relief That CBD Can Provide

There is a plethora of information circulating that CBD can treat just about any illness. Some of the medical issues that CBD users are treating require prescriptions; and that has sufferers adamantly praising the substance.

Here is just a short list of some of the relief CBD users have found:

    • reduction in coronary heart disease
    • increased blood flow to the brain

    • seizure and convulsion reduction
    • anxiety relief
    • sleep aid
    • tranquility

    • muscle spasm suppression
    • promotes bone growth
    • inflammation reduction

    • relief and protection throughout the body
    • kills or slows bacteria growth

    • reduction in intestinal contractions
    • stimulates the appetite

Will CBD Show Up Positive on A Drug Test?

Well, it can depend on various factors such as the way the cannabis is extracted, to the way your body metabolized the substance.  For example, an anonymous woman in Atlanta Georgia found the answer to our question the hard way. During an interview with  WSB-TV Atlanta 2, with Anthony Laborde of Discount Nutrition in Atlanta. Laborde told the local news station during an interview that “Some people will fail. Some won’t. So, we do warn police officers, firefighters, those types of people who are routinely tested for drugs,” Laborde said.

The anonymous woman stated that she wished she had been previously warned. Recommended by her doctor, the anonymous woman purchased CBD oil for pain and anxiety and used the product for two weeks. Subsequent to her CBD use, the woman took a drug screening and failed. The drug test showed that the anonymous woman was positive for THC, the euphoric compound located in marijuana. The product the woman consumed, had no indication of THC on its label, however after venturing to the company’s website, there was a disclaimer stating, “full spectrum CBD can cause positive results in screenings”., a nutritional supplements corporation that’s based on the internet, tests for THC and CBD compounds. They relay that up to 10 percent of CBD users test positive for THC when using the oil. “It can happen, and it also depends not just on the product, but some people metabolize CBD differently,” said President Tod Cooperman. Per the Answers section,  if using a CBD product, it’s not likely to fail a marijuana drug test if utilizing the standard serving sizes. In addition, studies have shown that most individuals whom consume 0.4 or 0.6 mg of THC don’t test positive on marijuana urine test, yet a trivial percentage might test positive, due to individual variation in how their body absorbs and metabolizes the THC.

Medix CBD Delicious CBD Gummies

Side Effects of CBD

side effects of cbd

There is limited scientific evidence on the potential or subsequent side effects of CBD usage in humans.

The survey conducted by Bergamaschi et al. in 2011 on cannabidiol (CBD) safety and side effects relayed they found the safety profile of CBD favorable in the treatment of epilepsy and psychotic disorders. Furthermore, the study concluded that CBD side effects proved better than their counterpart drugs used to treat epilepsy and psychotic symptoms.

CBD and Your Dog

CBD Pet Oil

Say what? Yes, you read that correctly. Many people are turning to CBD for various treatments that ail their dog. Currently there is no concrete research into the benefits of CBD for dogs, however many dog owners are testing the waters and finding beneficial results. So, what are some of the symptoms being treated in dogs?

hempworx cbd dog treats
  • seizures
  • cancer benefits
  • neuropathic pain
  • anti-anxiety
  • reduction in fear
  • battle cancer
  • glaucoma
  • reduce aggression

It’s a bit daunting to put the family pet to the test, yet the benefits seem to outweigh the risk. Don’t fret yet over the lack of data, since the AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF) has announced funding for Clinical Trial to Study Cannabidiol to Treat Drug Resistant Epilepsy in Dogs.  

CBD benefits for dogs

The study will be conducted by board certified veterinary neurologist whom aim to study “Efficacy of Cannabidiol (CBD) for the Treatment of Canine Epilepsy”. According to Dr. McGrath, 30% of canines in receipt of standard anti-epileptic treatment remain uncontrolled for their seizures, and the side effects of the antiepileptic medications are frequently undesirable. Dr. Mary Smith, an associate of the CHF Board of Directors and the Chairman of CHF’s Scientific Review Committee, says, “This study has the potential to provide a much-needed new tool for veterinarians to treat dogs with epilepsy. Good news to come for dog owners seeking more evidences and research.

Take Away, What Is the Recommended CBD Product?

So, you’re probably a bit perplexed about where to purchase CBD? And subsequently reading the positive response to CBD, you may have curiosity in trying it for yourself. You may be researching online sources that offer CBD hemp oil for sale or perhaps saying to yourself, “I want to buy near me.”

Whichever way, this comprehensive guide is designed to help you find the CBD product which best suits you. Before buying any CBD oil, it’s vital that you check that the source your obtaining the product from is trustworthy. Take a view of the below features before jumping in:

what is the recommended cbd product?
  • Sourcing

As discussed in the above section, Hemp manufacturing is vital in the indication of quality. Think about it, you can have the best product in the land however, if the soil utilized to grow your substance is laced with chemicals, then your defeating the purpose. Soil can contain harmful substances such as:

  • fertilizers
  • herbicides
  • pesticides
  • Extraction Method

There is a variety of ways utilized to extract hemp oil, however not every method is good. The most reliable and considered to be highest standard of extraction is the C02 method. What is the C02 method? It’s when hemp is extracted using high pressure and low temperatures, eradicating harsh chemicals. The C02 method is the safest and cleanest form of extraction, ensuring CBD product quality.

Now you’re probably asking yourself “then how is the extraction process normally accomplished?” Great question. Typically, CBD hemp extraction is performed using solvents such as ethanol and butane, stripping the oil of plant waxes that creates good quality CBD products.

  • Testing 

Like any medication or food consumed, proper testing should be enforced. Testing is performed to certify quality control and sanction potency and remove impurities. For example, Medix CBDare considered the best quality in the industry, and the leading manufacturer of high-end CBD and Hemp oil products.

  • Buying

Feel a bit afraid of purchasing CBD due to some of the locations where the product can be purchased seem a bit shady and sketchy. No worries, Hempworx has a simple and straight forward process:

Click here link to learn more about why I recommend Hempworx, and how their CBD is processed.

About Hempworx -Meet Our Founders

Josh and Jenna Zwagil, founders of MyDailyChoice and Hempworx.

Josh and Jenna Zwagil didn’t begin their careers in the corporate world and then simply take the reins of a Network Marketing company. They both started out in the field as Affiliates, learning what it was like to build a network and a business. It’s that field experience that has enabled them to create such a unique opportunity.

At 18, after leaving business school, Josh replied to a Craigslist ad promoting a way to earn money independently. He sold his drum kit to get the $600 he needed to start, and his entrepreneurial instincts soon paid off. With strong guidance and leadership, Josh rose through the ranks quickly to become the number one income earner with a team of over 60,000 people around the world and sales reaching $100 Million within 6 years.

From the earliest part of his Network Marketing career, Josh experienced first hand the challenges of the industry. He saw the upheaval caused by product changes, compensation plan changes, shifts in company ownership and more. This intimate knowledge of the innermost workings of the industry would lay the foundation for the next leg of his journey.

Josh and Jenna met in the Summer of 2014. They will say it was love at first sight that drew them together, but their dedication to serving others is what really cemented their relationship. They shared a vision and mission to change the world.

In November of 2014, Josh launched MyDailyChoice and, impressed with her networking skills, asked Jenna if she’d be willing to join as one of his first Affiliates. Jenna was on a mission and had a lot to prove so she dove in, head first, to build momentum the only way she knew how – through social media. She put her talents to work on the first product line, just three nutritional sprays at that time. Even before MyDailyChoice’s most popular products and sophisticated marketing tools were in place, Jenna earned $3,600 in her first week.

 my daily choice logo

Shortly after reaching the top of the company, Jenna became very ill. She turned to holistic health alternatives and made changes to her lifestyle. Her health improved, but something was still missing. Jenna was still getting sick after eating and the doctors informed her it was something she just had to learn to cope with because there was no cure.

In 2016 Josh and Jenna began experimenting with CBD oil after reading about its many health benefits. Jenna experienced some relief, but it still wasn’t enough. Josh began searching for the purest form of CBD and found it in a farm in the US. He brought samples home for Jenna to try, hopeful it could be the missing piece in her health journey. Within a few hours of trying the oils Jenna started to feel better. Within a week her health began to restore. Within a month she started feeling like herself again.

Jenna became determined to make the same life-changing experience accessible to others. Josh was hesitant to get on board, concerned that controversy around the hemp industry would get in the way of the work they were already doing.

Join hundreds of thousands of customers around the world who’ve experienced the benefits of HempWorx products. We are so confident that our customers will love our products, we give everyone a 60-day money back guarantee. Try HempWorx today risk-free!

So Jenna went out and founded HempWorx on her own. The response to the products was immediate and overwhelming. Within months, HempWorx was so popular and successful that Josh couldn’t deny that the best thing for both businesses was to merge. HempWorx was launched as a product line inside of MyDailyChoice in May of 2017. Since the introduction of HempWorx, MyDailyChoice has soared to the top as one of the fastest growing Network Marketing companies in the industry.

What is Hempworx Hemp-Derived CBD?

HempWorx products are made from industrial hemp plants grown on American farms. Cannabidiol (CBD), a constituent that naturally occurs in industrial Hemp, is just one of over 85 cannabinoids that is identified in the cannabis plant. Our oil is CO2 extracted resulting in a solvent free, pure product.

Image result for hempworx logo

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS), an extension of our Central Nervous System, is comprised of receptors, neurotransmitters and enzymes. The ECS interacts with Cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant and Encocannabinoids that are produced by our own bodies.

HempWorx products contain CBD and other Cannabinoids which bind to the ECS receptors leading to a positive impact on health and overall well-being.


Hemp has a vast history that cannot go unnoticed. HempWorx is at the forefront of what we believe, is the next revolution in American History.

Hemp is among the oldest industries on the planet, going back more than 10,000 years to the beginnings of pottery.

Americans were legally bound to grow hemp during the Colonial Era and Early Republic. The first American Flag was made from hemp.

In 1937, Congress passed the Marijuana Tax Act which effectively began the era of hemp prohibition.

In 2014, The Farm Bill allowed hemp in certain states for research. Kentucly was a key player initating the hemp movement in the United States.

In 2018, President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill which specified hemp (and its constituents such as CBD) as an industrial byproduct, not the be regulated or criminalized by the DEA.


Image result for hemp certification seal

On March 1st, 2019 the U.S Hemp Authority announced the first awards of it’s certification seal to 13 outstanding companies that have met the stringent standards the industry laid out for product quality and safety. HempWorx was one of the first 13 companies to receive the certification seal. Click here to view our Hemp Authority Certification.

Click the following link to see what awaits. CBD oil

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Why You Need HempWorx Bath Bombs: 5 Reasons

HempWorx bath bombs and  products are made from industrial hemp plants grown on American Kentucky farms.

What are CBD Bath Bombs?

Have you ever wanted a home spa?

CBD bath bombs are your all-in-one solution, providing ultimate relaxation and relief from physical tension, topped by a colorful blast of aromatic fizziness.

If you’ve never seen bath bombs before, they are small “bombs” that burst into a scene of fizziness when dropped into water. Often they contain essential oils and other agents which provide a plethora of benefits and an all-around body-pampering experience.

How Do CBD Bath Bombs Work?

A unique combination of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), citric acid, Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate), and natural, organic coloring produce the iconic fizziness brought on by bath bombs. Typically bath bombs will contain additives such as essential oils that double as aromatherapy agents, and nourishers that work directly on the skin. Together with the hot water of a bath, your body will feel about as close to a spa-like experience as you can get in a simple bath, but in the comfort of your own home, and for a cheaper price.

In the case of CBD bath bombs, the non-psychoactive cannabis constituent cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the additives placed in the product. CBD has remarkable healing properties, ranging from anxiolytic properties to powerful pain relief.

CBD is typically taken orally, smoked/vaporized, or applied topically, but bath bombs present a new method of ingestion: absorption through opened pores as a result of the heat of the bath.

This allows the CBD to reach the blood stream more rapidly than topical applications, and more importantly penetrate the skin throughout the entire body, rather than a small area.

A CBD Bath Bomb

1.) Spa-like Environment

With the right atmosphere, a CBD bath bomb can make a bathtub indifferent from a spa. Get the lighting right, play some calming music, and set the water to just the right temperature, and the experience provides an all natural, low cost, and at home spa experience.

This is only the beginning, though. Once the CBD begins to enter the bloodstream is significant proportions after a few minutes of soaking, the effects will compound. You’ll be met with an astounding relaxation, and perhaps a touch of visionary euphoria. The experience could even have spiritual undertones as a result of the meditative state of mind you’ll be in. This mood is induced by the bath and bomb itself and amplified by the CBD.

2.) Epsom salt and CBD Work Together

Epsom salt has a very remarkable property to it – it has the capability to draw out harmful toxins from your body and restore balance. In fact, for over 400 years, Epsom salt has been used in “salt detoxes”, which are believed to help not only with toxin removal, but also:

  • Weight/appetite management
  • Sore muscle relief
  • Mood stabilization
  • Overall health improvement

As you can see, there is a significant overlap with CBD, which is touted for its ability to stabilize appetite, provide pain relief, and improve mood. Thus Epsom salt, when used in tandem with CBD, see mutual benefit that you can take advantage of today.

Image result for hempworx bath bomb

3. Relaxation

CBD is a very potent relaxation inducer and stress reliever. As the saying goes, stress kills, and this is not an exaggeration. To many, CBD is more effective than prescription drugs such as benzodiazepines including Xanax at relieving anxiety, and it far more healthier being non-addictive.

Cannabidiol’s main mechanism of action is on the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible primarily for regularization of several bodily mechanisms. Mood, appetite, libido, and more are controlled by the endocannabinoid system. Inside the body, neurotransmitters known as cannabinoids interact with the system to induce action.

CBD interacts with the system in a light way, so as to induce some of the stabilizing effects that internal cannabinoids (called endocannabinoids) do.

CBD also interacts with many other neural systems, such as:

  • Serotonin (the “happiness” hormone)
  • Dopamine (the reward chemical)
  • GABA (inhibition and relaxation)
  • The hippocampus, which controls emotion and memory

4.) Soothe Body Aches

CBD has long been touted for its ability to 1) reduce pain, and 2) reduce inflammation. Though the mechanisms of this are still being studied, the inflammation reduction is thought to be a result of immune modulation, that is, telling the immune system causing the inflammation to calm down and return back to normal.

This in turn relieves associated pain, and is complimented by a further pain relief caused by the CBD directly that many consider to be more effective than opiates. The all-around action caused by a CBD bath bomb will induce benefits such as the following:

  • Inflammation due to injuries such as mosquito and spider bites, ingrown nails, and infections
  • Arthritic pain
  • Bodily tension
  • Sore muscles
  • Cramps and muscle spasm relief

5.) Skin Care

Cannabis products, when applied to the skin, have been demonstrated to assist in a variety of skin ailments:

  • Anti-aging
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Antioxidant effects
  • Eczema treatment
  • Psoriasis treatment
  • Acne and blackhead treatment

Why HempWorx Bath Bombs?

HempWorx is a CBD company like no other.!

HempWorx, is engineering the next generation of CBD science, and developing revolutionary products that will shake the CBD industry to its very core. Already, the CBD Bath Bombs are shattering preconceptions within the CBD industry and setting new benchmarks for excellence, and the story of HempWorx is just getting started.

The specific formulas and extraction methods are no match for the competition, and will leave your skin and soul with a radiant glow – 60 Day money back guarantee .

Image result for hempworx bath bomb

The latest member of the HempWorx product line – CBD Bath Bombs.

Get a box of 4 for $49.00. Each bomb contains 10 mg of CBD and 100 mg of Hemp Seed Oil. With four fantastic pleasing scents in every box!

Natural Lavender calms and soothes frayed nerves.

Get pumped up with Lemongrass.

Feel refreshed and invigorated with Sea Salt.

Clean and refine with Citrus scent.

Your bath turns into a luxury CBD spa so you’ll never want to leave the tub!

Oh, and your skin will feel like it was drenched in moisture… soft and touchable!


Ingredients: 100mg of hemp seed oil, 10mg of hemp-derived CBD, Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Magnesium Sulfate, Potassium Bitartrate, Witch Hazel, Lavender, Lemongrass, or Citrus Essential Oils and Sea Salt.

Image result for hempworx bath bomb ingredients

Common CBD Bath Bomb Questions

How Fragrant are CBD Bath Bombs?

Bath bombs, CBD or not, can be very fragrant, and might be too strong for those with sensitive noses. If you find this to be the case, there are alternative bath supplements that can still lead to a detoxifying, relaxing time. Bath salts are an example of a less fragrant but still beneficial bath supplement.

What is the Shelf Life of a CBD Bath Bomb?

If a CBD bath bomb is stored in a cool, dry, and airtight container or ziplock bag, then the bath bomb will not absorb moisture and should last a generally long time, as all the chemicals are fairly stable. As a general rule, however, it is best to use products sooner rather than later.

Are CBD Bath Bombs Safe Down the Drain?

Yes, there is nothing that could cause any damage. As an added bonus, bath bombs are considered very beneficial to the Earth as a result of its Epsom salt.

Are Bath Bombs Safe for Kids?

It is generally not recommended that young children bathe, especially unsupervised, as they could drown. With regards to the bath bomb, however, there is no danger.

Do Bath Bombs Irritate Your Skin?

No, especially CBD bath bombs. The mixture of Epsom salts, various oils, and CBD causes quite the opposite – this combination is rejuvenating to the skin and enhances the previously described “glow”.

Are Bath Bombs Moisturizing?

Yes – the variety of oils moisturizes the skin significantly better than a normal bath, and this effect stays after the experience is over.

Will Bath Bombs Stain the Tub?

This depends on the ingredients and specifically the type of food coloring used. Some food coloring products are made specifically for bath bombs that will not stain. However, it is generally good practice to wipe down any residue in a tub after using bath bombs, as this could build up over time.

It is unlikely a single use will result in permanent damage, however.

Will CBD Bath Bombs Get Me High?

Not at all. Even if the bath bombs contained THC, no one has reported getting high from cannabis or CBD bath bombs.

Are CBD Bath Bombs Legal?

Yes! Bath bombs created from pure CBD or full spectrum hemp oil are perfectly legal for use in all 50 states.

So, are you now ready to immerse yourself in a HempWorx CBD bath bomb experience after learning the endless benefits?

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